Saturday, May 30, 2015

My piece, "Our House, Our Home" in Hambidge Auction Tonight!

I thought I would post a few detail pictures of my piece that's in the Hambidge auction tonight - for those out of town bidders. You don't need to physically be at the auction, all the bidding is done through mobile devices - smart phones and tablets. The website image is a little small, so here are some larger images. You can register for the auction here. And it all ends tonight at 10:00 pm, Atlanta time. The Hambidge Center is an amazing arts organization doing great work. Please help support them, Thanks. 

A quick link to my piece ---> here.

The piece measures 26" x 14.5" x 3" and incorporates two polymer clay heads. The "house" was created by using scraps of wood from my wood shop. After assembling, I painted, aged and sanded the whole thing. A coat of paste was was added to finish it off. The piece is designed to hang on the wall.

A view of the lady's side.

And a view from the man's.

The piece in-progress. I really had fun creating this piece - and usually my piece are not a lot of fun to make. They normally involve lots of planning, engineering, and educated guesses. With this piece I could work more spontaneously, responding to the piece as it progressed. And I really like how it came out.

The two heads.

Thanks for looking - and thanks for bidding!


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