Monday, April 29, 2013

Currently Available

Updated 9/21/21
These are the pieces I currently have available - on one concise page. I will keep this list current by removing the pieces that have sold. This will give you an image, size, price, and a link to each piece available as of today. Please let me know if you're interested, or if I can answer any questions - here.

For a very limited time - I have these FEAR LESS Signs and Pins available on my Etsy site.
Click here for the Signs - $30. each. Three colors to choose from originally, now only reds are left.
Click here for the Pins - $9. each. Only 2 colors to choose from.
And here for the Combo - both pin and sign $37. Only red signs are left, but you can mix and match the colors of the pins.

"Interdependence" 23" x 72" x 8", $19,500.  Movie --- Another Movie

"Tic Tok" 17" x 43" x 15", $2850.   Blog Post --- Movie 

"Girls Girls Girls" 10.5" x 19.5" x 5", $2850.   Blog Post --- Movie 

  "The Seeker"  21" x 12" x 20", $7140.   Blog Post  --- Movie

"Wonder Cabinet"  13" x 19 1/2" x 7", $2370. Blog Post --- Movie  ***Seen in "Knives Out".

 "Bound"  11" x 20" x 8", $3870. Blog Post --- Movie  ***Seen in "Knives Out".

"Doppelganger"  30" x 26" x 8", $4560.  Blog Post --- Movie

"Mixed Signals"  17" x 28" x 12", $2280. Blog Post

"Swim the Sea"  21" x 33" x 12", $6960. Blog Post --- Movie   ***Seen in "Knives Out".

"Sculpture #56" 10" x 18.5" x 7.5", $465.

"Mr. Oddball in Mexico"  13" x 29" x 19", $3200.

Please let me know if you need more info on any of these pieces, here.

I also have smaller pieces on my Etsy site here.

Besides my hand-crafted artworks above, I also have some of my images printed on T-shirts, phone cases, bags, and other practical and decorative items. These are produced worldwide by Redbubble - so no matter where you are, they will ship from a facility near you.
The Link to my Redbubble shop is here. Go look.

Thanks for looking!