Friday, April 18, 2014

"Retrofit" - 2014

Retrofit is one of those indomitable figures, ready to take on, and surmount, any challenge.
The idea for this piece came from the "claw" I made for "Claude". It was way too big for Claude - he was a young boy - but I really liked the way the claw looked and moved. It has many loose fittings and it moves in a very dynamic way.

He measures 11" x 22" x x11".

I added a pulley to his upper arm so when he pulls on the string his mechanical arm moves - the "bucket" end opens and shuts, then his whole arm raises up.

Love this shot. And I like his intense stare, as if he's really trying to figure out the best way to make this thing work....

Details shot of his "leg", and the spare parts. By adding these spare parts to the scene, I tried to give the impression that he's working on building his mechanical arm and leg. He's a very self-reliant kind of guy.

In-progress shots....

This is where I always start. Certain things needed to be plotted out before hand - like the tube in his leg - in which a line will run up to his chest, to move his arm.

So many pieces and parts to choose from. When building a piece like this, I go through all my found objects and pick out the ones I think look appropriate - then I lay them all out on the table. And I make my final choices as I build.

The leg in progress - almost done. I wanted it to be in the same style as the arm.

The "claw" that was left over. The only addition was the pulley on the left.

Here I'm testing the position and movement of the arm.

All the parts - before his head and arms, etc were painted.

After painting, and after making the clothes. You can see the two "doors" which will cover the opening in his torso. His arm moves via the lever inside his chest.

The movie.....

Thanks for looking.