Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Latest Commission - A Skater Figure

My current commission is of a static figure much like my piece "Serenity" which I made back in 2006. It's not often I revisit or recreate my pieces, but it's been fun to add little improvements and to see how my style has progressed over the years.

Here are some in-progress pictures...........

The legs as they were being carved.

The legs are carved, and the position of the boots is determined - keep in mind there will be blades on the skates.

The skate blades were cut out on the scroll saw.....

...and then filed to shape.

The boots are carved and holes are cut into the bottoms to accept the blades. The metal rod was soldered on for added strength.

The blades were glued into the boots and the teeth were cut into the blades with a triangular file.

The torso, and the arm almost finished. She will be "wearing" mittens so I did not have to carve her hands and fingers.

Her arm, carved and sanded. Her other arm wraps around her back.

Her head as seen from the side.

More to come, as progress continues.....................