Friday, July 22, 2011

Video Project with Little Tybee - Phase 1

I'm excited to be teaming up with the wonderful band Little Tybee on their next music video. Brock Scott, lead man extraordinaire, and I have come up with an interesting, and very challenging concept. I'm creating 6 marionette characters for the piece, and will be art directing and creating the miniature sets too. If we can pull it off, it's going to be amazing.

Here is my progress so far on the main character, The Wanderer.

My sketch for The Wanderer. He will be approx. 18" tall and be operated by 10 strings.

His torso, ready to be carved.

Legs are cut, ready to be carved.

I'm making ball and socket joints at the shoulders to maximize his movements.

His head from polymer clay.

His body so far.

I hollowed out his head so I could insert his neck. There is a pivot at his neck so he can look up.

His boots cut out and ready to be carved.


Much more to come - stay tuned, I'll try to post my progress regularly.
And in the mean time be sure to check out Little Tybee.


  1. Oh boy! Looking forward to watching the show before the show!

  2. Cool band Tom, this looks like fun!