Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Little Tybee on CNN......

 A great piece about Little Tybee! They highlight their musical and artistic approach - and my artwork sneaks into the conversation.


Their new album will be coming out in early 2013 and will feature the tune "Boxcar Fair", among other great works! Check them out on YouTube and iTunes....... and here - http://littletybee.com/

Monday, October 1, 2012

"Mixed Signals" - 2012

This was my last piece for my 2012 show at Obsolete.  Years ago, I created a figure called "Misguided"  and I've always wanted to make a kinetic version of it. 

This piece started out with the background first. Having multitudes of fabric scraps in my studio, I started by sewing together this set of samples that someone gave me - they are all very satiny, almost silk-like, fabric pieces. I sewed them all together and then aged them down with a watery wash of raw umber paint. I had an old typesetter's drawer sitting around, so I decided to pin the fabric up on this while it dried.  The piece sat around a few months while I was working on other pieces, but I always knew it would become another creation for my show. 

This piece measures 17" x 28" x 12", and is sold.

Here is the final shot of "Mixed Signals".  She raises the flag, twice straight out and once straight up. 

A closer shot of the figure. You'll notice I made her dress out of the same fabric I used for the background.                                                         

A shot of her head, showing her curls.

Another view of her head.

In the middle of carving her hands.

Her purposely elongated body.

Her back, showing the internal mechanism.

A detail shot of her flag, (can you tell I used the zigzag setting on my sewing machine? First time....)

Here I'm figuring out her outfit. It sort of evolved as I worked on it - first it was a dress, then it turned into a skirt.

I found this hinged card file box that was perfect for this piece - and the hinge made it easier to work on the mechanism.

The mechanism - the cam is yet to be cut. And the whole thing is upside down; I often work on the mechanisms this way.

The cam that controls her arm, cut and finished.

A quick movie.....

Thanks for looking!