Friday, April 22, 2011

Final images of "Intermezzo"

Here are some in-progress shots and the final images of Intermezzo. This piece has sold.

Click on pics for larger images....

Here I'm working out the position of the 'cello', the fret hand, and the bow. This shot was taken before I added the strings and other accoutrements to the instrument.
The stand on the 'cello' is connected to a spring under the floor that holds it in position.

Two strings run inside his leg that control the movement of the hands. I had to put on all his clothes before I attached the arms. I hooked up the strings and then covered the front and back with a piece of thin poster board to protect the mechanisms. Then everything was sewn up.

Final shot of Intermezzo.
The floor is a piece of lead that I formed over and nailed to a board. The base is an old drawer from a sewing machine and the 'cello' was found at an antique store.

Brass wires were use for the strings, and using a metal bow, they make the quietest sound.

Close up shot.

A shot from the back showing the details.

The movie....

Close up of the bow and strings.

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Figure - "Bipolar" 2011

My latest figure is a commission from my favorite psychiatrist client. He had this idea of a figure holding two heads that represent the phases of Bipolar Disorder.

The challenge for me was to get the three heads to look like the same person. I'd never attempted this before. I sculpted the 'normal' head first and thought I could make a mold of his face and use this to create the other two. I discovered I could duplicate the face but since I normally create my heads from the inside out, it didn't quite work out. I had to sculpt the other 2 heads from scratch and not use my mold. I'm pretty happy with the way all the heads came out.

The 'normal' head.

Depressed state.

Manic state.

The body ready for assembly.

I will post the completed piece soon......