Friday, May 1, 2015

"Computation" - 2015

This piece was a commission from the people who do my taxes. In April 2014 we talked about how fun it would be to have a mechanical artwork of a CPA endlessly working away in their offices. I started the piece in December '14, and got back to it in March of this year. My client had lots of ideas about how the piece should look, and things to be included. I tried it get all the details in. They really loved it and I was happy with how the piece came out, and how it operated. Basically, he types numbers into his calculator and turns his head to check each number. After he enters 3 sequence, he turns his head to see the final figure - and he shakes his head in disapproval. See the movie at the bottom of this post......

The piece measures 18" x 16" x 12", and is operated by the crank out front. The piece was hard to capture in one photo, so I shot it from many angles.

In their office, they oftentimes have their shoes off, (I guess it helps with their calculations), so I had to portray the guy with his shoes off.

I love this shot.

Also, sitting around their offices, are many jars of candy. Those had to be included too.

In progress images....

Where I always start. To control his head movement, a rod will run up through his body.

Fitting him into his chair. The two marks on the paper indicate where is feet fall.

Polymer clay head.

Two hands, carved from basswood.

I made his desk out of an old box I had in my studio. The box had "Hot Palches" written on it and seemed to be a ballot box or maybe a cashbox. Not sure what hot palches means.
You're looking at the bottom of the desk here.

I used the part I cut away for the drawer fronts.

Fitting him into his new desk. And you can see the base in-progress.

I was really happy with the way his expression turned out.

I took this shot right before I placed him behind his desk.

Drawer details. And his shoes, and one of his socks.

Parts of the mechanism - the cams have yet to be cut/made.

The final shape of the cam that turns his head. You can see the cam that operates his hands just behind.

The cams in place.

The movie.... watch full screen, or go to YouTube.

Thanks for looking!


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