Thursday, July 18, 2013

Four New Shadowboxes - 2013

After making my initial shadowboxes back in 2010, I knew I would eventually make more. I made extra boxes and even decoupaged them back then. Only now am I getting around to using them.

With this round I wanted to make pieces with stronger story lines. Also I wanted to create a richer textural feel to the box element, I think I succeeded on both points.

All the shadowboxes are 16 1/2" x 16 1/2" x 4", and are signed and dated. They are all sold.

Here is how the figures start. You can see the posable form I use to place each figure in position. The torsos are cut and the arms and legs are roughed out - each has a half lap joint at the knee or elbow. 

A shot during carving. Since I rarely work on more than one piece at a time, these figures seemed more labor-intensive than others. I had to keep reminding myself, "you're working on 4 pieces". The rough drawings for each piece are seen underneath all the shavings.

The 8 hands. With these shadowbox figures, I've decided to keep the arms, legs, and hands simpler and more stylized than my typical figures.

Many arms - after I added all the hands. Each arm and leg had to be number to keep me from mixing them up.

"Lost & Found" SOLD

This piece could also be considered a bit of a self-portrait. I'm always on the look out for interesting found objects - and often have wonderful dreams where I'm finding huge stashes of incredible things. In one memorable dream, the items were submerged in a clear rushing stream. 

Dressed in all his finery, our hero is picking up many kinds of fabulous objects; blissfully filling his basket.

"Wordsmithing" SOLD

This piece is a homage to all who work with the written word. Though language is not my strong suit, I do have an affinity for certain words - some of which are included in the collection here.

"Local Loudmouth" SOLD

This piece is sort of self-explanatory. It wasn't until I was doing the final assembly, that I thought of adding the words coming from his bullhorn. 

"Mechanical Advantage" SOLD

This piece speaks of the courageous women who choose to work in fields typically dominated by men. Though her dress came out looking more like a Tibetan princess, I like that it contrasts with her task at hand. Oh, and this is the first time I've used real hair for one of my figures. It's from my wife's head and I've been saving it for about 5 years.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Undercurrent" sold to Jon Bon Jovi....

Yes, that Jon Bon Jovi!

On Sunday Noah from Red Truck Gallery called and said Mr. Bon Jovi was fascinated by the piece and was asking about the "best price". They were showing my work at artMRKT Hamptons in Bridgehampton, NY. After some negotiation Jon decided he must have it. The guys from Red Truck did the installation that afternoon at Jon's summer house.

Here's the happy customer -----

Here is a better shot of the piece. And more info about the piece is here.

I'm very excited that this piece found a good home - Thanks Jon!