Sunday, January 16, 2022

"Jessicka's Piece" - 2021 - A Birthday Gift for Her Husband

Some of you may know Jessicka Addams; she's an artist, and musician, among other things. I met her at a  group show at a gallery in 2014. We have admired each other's work for years. She asked my to make this piece - that she's had in mind for a while - and I gladly accepted. She texted me a quick sketch (see below) and then we talked on the phone about it. After I got all the info, I set out to create this piece for her - about her, her husband, their house, and their many cats.     

It doesn't really have a title - I just call it "Jessicka's Piece".

The final images.....

The piece measures 12" x 19" x 8".

The piece depicts their house, with porch, and their multiple cats. This is really what their house looks like - I made it a bit more stylized.

The heart represents, of course, love - but also there's a bit more going on in the heart. 

On request, I added battery-powered lights to the house. I rarely use anything battery-powered - but they worked out well, and made sense here.

It was a bit of a challenge to get their arms around each other like this. The have to be 'joined' together, and then inserted into the base at the same time. 

I like this more dramatic shot. 

A few 'making of' images....

This is the sketch Jessicka sent me. 

Starting with the bodies. I knew they were going to be in close contact - and that was a challenge - getting their bodies, and arms, into natural positions. 

The legs are carved.

Sadly, I didn't take many of pics building the rest. 

This is how I built the fence - mimicking the one they have.  All soldered.

This is the fence in its raw state. 

And the fence after treating it with an antiquing solution.  I had to make two sections of fence for this piece.

An image of making the castle (house). I made a round form, and wrapped stiff paperboard around it. 

A little more detail is added. After this I 'stuccoed' it all with a mixture of black paint and drywall mud. 

Here's a close up of the heart. 

I wish I took more pics of the 'making of' this piece. Actually I took more video of the 'making of'.

Here's that movie.....

Thanks for looking!