Thursday, September 2, 2010

Piano piece is started.....

I started a new unnamed piece the other day - a man playing a piano. His arms will move and I'm pretty sure his head will but have not worked out how or which way.

In order to start making the figure, I first had to establish the overall dimensions by drawing it out full-size. This told me the height of the keys, so I had to start there. There have been a couple of starts and stops on this one. First I was going to use a couple of old boxes from which to build the piano, but then decided I needed something more refined and found this jewelry cabinet that seemed better. Also I wanted to hand-carve the keyboard, so I laid everything out and carved it. When it was done and painted, I realized it was too formal and opted for a more funky stylized keyboard that was actually a little easier to make.

Here are some in-progress images -----

Beginning the carved keyboard, (I still have it and it may work itself into another piece).

Carved keyboard finished. You can see I made it wavy, but it was not funky enough for this piece.

A more better keyboard - I glued a bunch of tiny pieces of wood together.

The keyboard installed in the piano - I was working out the position of the arms and how the figure addresses the piano.

My drawing of the hands.

The hands ready to be cut on the band saw.

After cutting they look strange.

Carving finished - it took all afternoon but I think they came out great, and I didn't break off any fingers or drop them. I had to add some bits with glue, (the black blobs).

I saturated them with thin CA glue which makes them much stronger - now I can quit worrying about breaking them.

The hands attached to the arms, notice the 2 different colors of basswood.

The figure's body. I will have to make or find something I can use for a chair.

More later!!! Now I got to get back to work.


  1. Wow--making piano keys AND hands from impressive. You not only amaze me with your carving ability, but you have to have the patience of a saint! It's great to see detailed pics of all the steps you take though. I feel like it's a real lesson.

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