Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Bad Ideas" and "Claude" - 2011

Two new static figures, "Bad Ideas" and "Claude", are finished.

Bad Ideas started as a simple drawing in my sketchbook, but also came about from my continued fascination with collections. In my studio, I have many small collections of things - it's a way for me to keep all my found objects organized. But sometimes these collections become the springboard for an idea. In this case, a small jar of burned-out light bulbs becomes.......bad ideas.

I placed her on a small vintage tin.

I wanted to show the back of this one - something I've never done before with a static piece.

 Her lovely face, sculpted from polymer clay.

Her body, ready to be put together.

"Claude"- the title is sort of a play on words.

I decided to dress him as an innocent young man to contrast with the seemingly menacing steel "arm".

A detail shot of his claw, which has 2 moveable joints.

His head shot.


 The apparatus on the bottom was his original arm until I realized it was WAY too big. This may show up on some future figure......

Until next time...................

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