Friday, September 9, 2011

"Dreamtime" 2011 13" x 19" x 13"

I actually built this piece earlier this year - it's taken me a while to post it here. It was featured this Spring at the Boston Cyberarts Festival in Boston, Mass.

After completing "Return to Dreamland", I wanted to explore further the idea of a kinetic figure interacting with sand. I wanted to make a figure combing through the sand, so I decided to have her sitting on a rotating platform.

This piece is sold.

I didn't take as many in-progress pictures this time, but here are the ones I have.......

Her rake-like hand.

Her arm carved and ready for paint.

Her body in-progress. I think this is the first time I've done a figure in this position. I've done a few figure sitting before, but not sitting on the ground like this.

Her head.

Her body right before I assemble and dress her.

The background for the piece is actually a couple of 'paint-by-numbers' landscape paintings that I tore up and decoupaged back together. I then painted over the whole thing with washes of color.

The final shot, taken by Gregory Campbell.

Dreamtime the Movie......

A close-up of her hand moving through the sand.


  1. I agree. Great position and love the interaction with the sand. Really impressed with the painting of the background, too.

  2. Lovely piece--adore the sand element---a robotic zen garden.