Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Intermezzo" 2011

Here are some sneak peek shots of my latest piece. It's a man playing a cello-like instrument, standing up. Both arms move, one on the frets and one works a bow. When his fret hand moves, the whole "cello" moves. Click on pics to see them larger.....
I will post full shots soon.

His polymer clay head.

His body ready to be assembled. You can see parts of the mechanisms that are inside his torso. His arms both pivot at the shoulders.

The mechanisms hidden underneath. Two cams and two levers pull two strings to get the arms to work. The strings run inside tubes inside his leg.

The "speaker" that is connected to the "cello" No, it doesn't really, make noise.

More soon.......................

Here's a quick video -

A closer look...