Thursday, October 7, 2010

Update and Select Recent Finds.........

Well it's been a while - but I want to update you on the progress of my recent work and other goings on.

--- The piano piece now has a name, "Crescendo" and has been completed(!) It came out great and I will post pics and movies soon.

--- Exciting News! - Both "Crescendo" and "Undaunted", which will be in my show at Obsolete, have been purchased - (got to love the pre-sales). Thanks again Mark!

--- I started a new piece on Tuesday and it is going well. It's a female figure operating a spotlight. Pics up soon.

***As always, click on any of my pictures to see a much larger view***


I was out of the studio for 2 weeks, traveling to a friend's birthday parties, (yes, 2 parties on 2 weekends). Of course whenever I travel I always have my eye out for found objects. Well, I found some really great pieces this time and I thought I'd show them to you. Surely these pieces will work themselves into my work in the near future.......

Philadelphia is fast becoming one of my favorite cities for great junk. This 11 pounds of mostly keys came from the 6th floor of Sander Supply. They had a fire there in the spring and are in the process of cleaning up. My wife Paula and I spent a while combing through the rubble to find this pile of beautifully distressed debris. It was like combing for shells on the beach. Funny thing is - I really don't use keys in my work unless they are miniature.

The hunt is on...

Note the melted windows...

Combing for keys - it was hard to stop looking.

More stuff from Sander's, found on the first floor. They have a lot of big, used restaurant equipment there, but scattered in are tons of these smaller, perfectly distressed items.

Our friend Robert,who makes amazing lamps and furnishings out of recycled industrial parts, gave me these exceptional pieces. I owe you one Robert. ---

Not sure what this is, but it looks great. Do you know what this is?

Robert said this is from France and has something to do with growing mushrooms. All I know it's a wonderful piece on it's own and has my brain spinning with ideas.

Some sort of gear thingy. This photo was taken before I blew all the dust off. This piece is ready to go - just add figure and a motor. I love it!

I also bought some great stuff out of the basement of Ollie, and 85 year old picker - great stuff, great prices. Thanks Ollie!

A huge spool of fabric-covered wire - awesome!

Some sort of brass thingys, I have no idea what these are for, do you? They have a pivot on one end and a threaded rod. Avoid Imitations!!!

2 great miniature vises used for watch making/repair. The top one is about 3" long.

Another 'what-is-it'? Small carved wooden box with a hinge for holding.....????

Found this in Virginia, it will soon be a companion piece for Crescendo.

Many more great items were gathered - too many to show.

Now I got to get back to my spotlight piece.....
Talk later,


  1. Another 'what-is-it'? Small carved wooden box with a hinge for holding.....????
    A pocket watch. :)