Wednesday, May 27, 2020

"Righteous" - 2019 - A Piece for the Hambidge Center Auction

This piece was made for the 2019 Hambidge Center Auction. I love supporting this institution. I spent a super-creative week there - a few years back - and a lot of my pieces for their annual auction are influenced by my time, and explorations there. 
The Hambidge Center is located in the North Georgia mountains, about 2 hours north of Atlanta. "It provides a residency program that empowers talented individuals to explore, develop, and express their creative voices. Situated on 600 acres in the mountains of north Georgia, Hambidge is a sanctuary of time and space that inspires individuals working in a broad range of disciplines to create works of the highest caliber." More information can be found here

"Righteous" (sold at the auction). She measures 17" x 18" x 4".
I wanted to (again) create a piece that was a combination of my abstract wooden sculpture work and my figurative work. The figure floats above the frame - made from wood scraps - as if she's flying. This was a fun piece to make and I think she came out great.

A closer look.

I really like the paint on her face, and I've done a few other figures with face paint. I wanted her to appear warrior-like - strong and assured.

A closer view of the frame and her feet.

The process....

Sculpting with polymer clay - just getting started here.

The finished head, after baking.

Carving the basswood hands. 

This is my normal process. I carve the arms and hands separately, and join them together with a brass rod and glue. The wood you see here is the excess that is cut off of the hand and discarded. 

The basswood body. I made her body fairly primitive and chunky - since I was just going to paint it, I didn't worry about making it realistic. I made the connections between the sections with bendable copper wire - so I could position her as needed.

The scrap wood frame in-progress. I really love this kind of work. It takes a while to paint, age, and finish, but it's worth it to me. You can see my rough drawing of the woman's body underneath. I made the frame to fit her body's position. 

Thanks for looking!