Monday, October 1, 2012

"Mixed Signals" - 2012

This was my last piece for my 2012 show at Obsolete.  Years ago, I created a figure called "Misguided"  and I've always wanted to make a kinetic version of it. 

This piece started out with the background first. Having multitudes of fabric scraps in my studio, I started by sewing together this set of samples that someone gave me - they are all very satiny, almost silk-like, fabric pieces. I sewed them all together and then aged them down with a watery wash of raw umber paint. I had an old typesetter's drawer sitting around, so I decided to pin the fabric up on this while it dried.  The piece sat around a few months while I was working on other pieces, but I always knew it would become another creation for my show. 

This piece measures 17" x 28" x 12", and is sold.

Here is the final shot of "Mixed Signals".  She raises the flag, twice straight out and once straight up. 

A closer shot of the figure. You'll notice I made her dress out of the same fabric I used for the background.                                                         

A shot of her head, showing her curls.

Another view of her head.

In the middle of carving her hands.

Her purposely elongated body.

Her back, showing the internal mechanism.

A detail shot of her flag, (can you tell I used the zigzag setting on my sewing machine? First time....)

Here I'm figuring out her outfit. It sort of evolved as I worked on it - first it was a dress, then it turned into a skirt.

I found this hinged card file box that was perfect for this piece - and the hinge made it easier to work on the mechanism.

The mechanism - the cam is yet to be cut. And the whole thing is upside down; I often work on the mechanisms this way.

The cam that controls her arm, cut and finished.

A quick movie.....

Thanks for looking!



  1. it's beautiful but which kind of engine use you?

  2. Thanks.
    I used a low RPM synchronous gearmotor from McMaster-Carr. I think it was a 6 RPM motor.