Monday, August 9, 2010

"Ovation" - Phase 2

More pics from my latest commission. I'm ready to put it all together except an integral part is on back order - the sound/applause component won't be in the studio until the end of August. I set this aside and started working on more pieces for my Obsolete show. Pics of that to follow soon......

The stage is finished and painted.

The curtain, made from thin plywood - painted and aged.

The curtain inserted into lid. It's not attached to the hinges yet, of course.

Two tiny arms, ready for assembly.

One of the smallest set of fully-carved hands I've ever done.

The performers body, pre-assembly. The dress is put on and the arms and head are glued in position. Finally the back of the dress is hand-sewn closed.

The figure ready to be placed on stage. Bravo!

Her head up close.

I will post final pics when I get it all together, and also a video of how it works.

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