Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Trundle" 2010 New Figure....

Many of my pieces, especially my Figures, deal with the idea of the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity. This piece is no exception. I love his optimism- he has a sense that “nothing is going to slow me down”. This piece is SOLD.

His wrench rests on his shoulder. I took a while to figure out the angles to make this happen.

His back, showing the hand stitching.

His carved wooden hands. I carved the hands separately and added them to the arms using glue and a bit of brass rod.

His body pre-paint and pre-assembly. The wheel is an antique pulley, I added a "tire" made from an old electrical cord. His head, sculpted from polymer clay, was painted when I painted the previous figure's head.

The box I used for the base was found at a flea market in Maryland, or was it Delaware?

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  1. thanks for info--its nice to see how you created your artwork--i really like your carved hands/and box--i am woodcarver and oil painter