Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It is out! "Boxcar Fair" - the video

See it here. It's been months in the making and finally it has been completed, (and the credits added to the end).

We shot the 2 1/2 minute video in one continuous take. There were SO many variables during shooting, that even the day before I wasn't sure it was even possible. The biggest problem was the High-Diver. She kept getting tangled. The solution was to eliminate 4 of her 8 strings. This limited her ability to move but we had no choice. Marionettes don't do well when you turn them upside down. And she really made this fact obvious. Also, she, and the other 2 string puppets, had 9 feet of string between them and the operator. This makes them pretty difficult to operate because much of it is done by feel. My hat's off to our puppeteers for sticking in there and getting the job done! Bravo!

Now on to the next project..........

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  1. Tom, superb work! I love the transitions, the moment when he enters the tent and we see the silloutete and then the flap rolls up was suprising and womnderful.